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Gaurav Pahwa
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Smarter business with Google's advanced Universal Analytics
Jun 12, 2014  published in technology
Keywords: Benefits of Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, Digital Marketing, Future with Universal Analytics, Google Analytics, New Version Google Analytics, Online Marketing, Universal Analytics, Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics, Upgrade to Universal Analytics
The past few years have seen a tremendous boom in the field of online marketing websites. These websites are designed to provide the end users with various facilities, from buy and sell of products, to knowledge about specific topics, to consultation services. All these sites necessitate the assistance of specific analytic tools for the marketer, so as to continuously monitor their progress and help make better business decisions. The classic Google Analytics (GA) was quite a breakthrough i...
By Gaurav Pahwa
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Growth and Trends in Indian IT Sector in 2014
Jan 21, 2014  published in technology
Keywords: cloud computing in India, government initiatives in Indian IT sector, growth in Indian IT sector, Indian IT exports, Indian IT sector, information technology in India, IT & ITeS sector of India, IT sector of India, latest IT trends, latest trends in IT sector, mobile market in India, tablets market in India, top IT trends in 2014
How 2013 was for Indian IT sector The year 2013 was a booming one for technology and the Internet in India with the rise of many e-commerce companies. People turned to the Internet to buy everything, from diapers to books, houses and even groceries. This year, 2014, is going to looks likely to be the year for new technical trends and some amazing gizmos that will easily surpass the previous ones in terms of quality and user-friendliness. Growth estimates of IT industry in India As per...
By Gaurav Pahwa
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